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Maccabi Lod Boxing Gym

Welcome to Maccabi Lod Boxing Gym.

Maccabi Lod Boxing Gym first opened its doors in January 2011 under patronage of an “Association for Promotion of Athlets in Israel”.

The gym is holding practices in Amateur boxing and martial arts such as Thai boxing (Muay Thai) and Kickboxing.

Our gym brings back boxing to the city of Lod after 20 years of absence.

The gym is located in the center of the city (click to see the map) and is also suitable for the residents of Ramle and Ganey Aviv.

Through training in boxing and martial arts such as Kickboxing, and Thai Boxing (Muay Thai) at our gym you will develop and improve the following skills: fitness, stamina, speed, coordination, agility, confidence, self-defense, self control and spirit of sportsmanship. The training performed under supervision by qualified coaches, with extensive experience and high achievements in the Israeli ring.

Every trainee receives personal attention required for development of individual training program that will help him reach his maximum potential and highest achievements in boxing and martial arts. The training program begins from construction of a solid boxing base, by gradual and controlled manner, in order to prepare the trainee for fights in the ring.

Our training sessions are great solution for people who want to learn a self-defense.

The training is suitable for the following age ranges:

Children: 8-12 years, cadets: 12-16 years, youth 16-18 years, adults 18 +, adults of all ages.

The training is suitable for both men and women who are not necessarily aim to compete in the boxing ring, but want to improve their health and fitness through intensive and challenging training.

All the above is perfect solution for people interested in hobby that fosters health and sports culture.

Rachel Alter str., Lod. Phone: Yakov - 0545315844, 0536934031